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Maceo Parker

Review 10/17/97 From: Dr.Brookenstein

At Philly - 10/17/97 [Funk-Music Festival at Electric Factory] This is the worst night to see Maceo Parker in concert--the electricity went out at 8:00pm, because a transformer blew up in a building about 2 blocks away. For the next 3 hours, the place was dark, with the exception of some small "backup" lights and flashlights. Two groups performed before Maceo; they were Group Collective and The Dirty Dozen. At 10:45pm, the lights finally came back on, and the Maceo Parker band joined the stage at 11:00pm. A few minutes passed and Fred Wesley walked to the stage......people began to really applause for Fred! Fred was followed by the star himself, Maceo!! The track listing included the following songs: (NOT in chronological order) Pass The Peas Shake Everything You Got Proud Mary Mustang Sally Psychoticbumpschool Up For The Down Stroke The Way You Make Me Feel Georgia on My Mind House Party (performed by Fred Wesley.....and a great performance) The "Bootsy Bootsy" chant followed by the famous intro announcement from "Aah...The Name is Bootsy, Baby" "Na Na Na Na" (really FUNKY.....sounds like a Funkadelic-type song, the guitar licks sounded like the opening riff from "Let's Take It To The Stage") An instrumental sounding close to "America Eats Its Young" (some psychedelic shit!) The highlights of the show: Seeing the percussionist perform "Mustang Sally". I've never seen a performer move his hips and kick his leg up like was pretty entertaining!! At the end of the song, he walked to the left of the stage and pretended to drop his pants, and shook his ass to the crowd! The bassist (I believe his name is Jerry) spent 3 minutes doing a Bootsy solo!!!!! This guy sent out some bass riffs that was so identical to Bootsy that I thought this was the "Almost Bootsy Show". All that he was missing was the "star" glasses! Hey, this motherfucker was "stretchin' out"........he must have attended the Psychotic Bump School for jamming! The guitarist followed the "Almost Bootsy" performance with a little bit of Eddie Hazel-type playing, the ending sounding like the feedback sounds of Eddie Hazel's guitar. During the performance of "Shake Everything You Got", Maceo declared the show to be the "Ooh Yeah!" show! Everywhere he got a chance, he had the crowd shouting "Ooh Yeah!" Maceo's son, Corey, came out during the last 30 minutes of the show to perform an original jazz-hip-hop tune, complete with his rapping. The show ended at 1:20pm! All in all, it was a great Maceo Parker performance, not to be forgotten!!!!

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